Mission Statement

AAEM exists to inform and promote the value of an education in and through the Arts to the public and to the educational community, as well as to influence the public will to provide rich experiences in the Arts for all children of Manitoba.

Promoting the Arts

Why do the arts MATTER in our children’s education?

Engagement in the arts is central to becoming a well-educated person. Research shows us that motivation to learn, to stay in school and seek advanced education is significantly increased with a complete education that includes the arts. The Alliance advocates for arts education not just because there are impressive statistics about raising test scores or increasing earning power, but because when the arts become integral in all our lives we are changed fundamentally.
What We Will Do

• AAEM educates the general population as to the value of the arts in schools and in the community.
• AAEM facilitates collaboration among the various groups concerned about the state of arts education in this province – professional arts organizations, school divisions, arts education organizations, provincial and municipal bodies – around ideas, projects and events.
• AAEM encourages opportunities for education in the arts for all ages.

2 thoughts on “Mission Statement

  1. Do you have a recent newsletter? I was interested in taking some art education courses during the summer like the courses offered Spring 2013.

    1. Manitoba Writing Project 2015

      Please find attached a brochure for the Manitoba Writing Project Summer Institute: Writing for/as Human Rights and Social Justice to be held at the University of Manitoba from August 10 to 23, 2015. Teachers of literacy and arts come together to create multiple forms of text and study the pedagogy of writing across K-12 contexts using multiple languages. This powerful professional learning opportunity affords teachers the opportunity to address issues and questions of rights and social justice relevant to their lives and those of their students.

      Best, Francine Morin, Ph. D., AAEM Secretary

      Sylvie Cottee
      Administrative Consultant

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