About Us

The Alliance for Arts Education in Manitoba (AAEM) is a non-profit organization committed to expanding opportunities in the arts for children and youth. Goals of the organization are to:

• provide information to all sectors of the community on the value of a strong arts education;
• bring together various professional, educational and community bodies and facilitate collaborations that provide more opportunities in arts education than are readily available;
• celebrate the arts achievements of our children and youth.

Response has been strong to the idea of a coalition of educators, arts organizations and community members to affect the public will with regard to the importance of arts education. We have over 200 organizational or individual memberships from all sectors of the community, but particularly amongst educators, schools and school divisions, artists, professional arts organizations, and parents. Membership is $15 for individuals, $25 for organizations and institutions and $5 for students.


We began with the conference “For the Love of the Arts: Arts and Education 2002” held at the Fort Garry Hotel February 13-14th. At the time we were a loose coalition of arts education organizations (music, visual art, dance and drama) under the sponsorship of the Manitoba Arts Council. MAC, the Manitoba Foundation for the Arts, the University of Manitoba and the University of Winnipeg were major sponsors of the conference, assisted by generous contributions from a number of individuals, organizations and corporations. Renowned author, teacher and art educator Dr. Elliot Eisner of Stanford University and professor Dr. Rena Upitis from Queen’s were keynote speakers, joined by over 50 other speakers in sessions throughout an evening and a full day. Ministers of both Education, Training and Youth, and Culture, Heritage and Tourism spoke, and thirteen school groups performed. The art exhibit from a variety of Manitoba schools was outstanding.

A CD was made of Dr. Eisner’s address, along with that of Dr. Philip Hall. It may be ordered for $10.00 using our membership form.

One outcome of the conference was the incorporation of this coalition into the Alliance for Arts Education in Manitoba, with a founding meeting May 6th, 2003 at the Colin Jackson Theatre. The membership elected an Interim Board which oversaw the transition to an incorporated body, production of the first newsletter and the successful submission of a grant proposal to the Manitoba Foundation for the Arts to support the coordination of three proposed projects.

A Forum on Arts Education held at Prairie Theatre Exchange on November 28th, 2003 was attended by over a 100 members who heard a stirring opening by Mayor Glen Murray, followed by keynoter Walter Pitman, author of Learning the Arts in an Age of Uncertainty (1998). A full board of thirteen was elected for a one year term. [For more information about this event, see the Winter 2003 Newsletter.]


A coalition of educators, arts organizations and community members whose goal is to affect the public will with regard to the importance of arts education.


AAEM believes that a strong and healthy society cherishes and sustains its artistic culture, and that a rich education in and through the arts should be part of every Manitoba student’s development.