Michael Redhead Champagne

Michael Champagne January 2015 A

Michael Redhead Champagne is the founder of AYO! Aboriginal Youth Opportunities, a youth movement that has been breaking stereotypes and creating opportunities since 2010. He is a community organizer and public speaker who has traveled across Canada sharing teachings, acronyms and strategies with youth, leaders and educators. One of his most notable accomplishments is “Meet Me At The Bell Tower” an anti-violence rally that has happened every Friday on Selkirk Avenue for over three years. An award winning community activist and a published author, MC is ready to encourage whole communities to work together and lead by example to craft shared solutions.

While the subject matter may change one thing that stays consistent is his message – “Programs don’t change people. Relationships change people.”

Michael is known for his straight up and heartfelt style that will leave you moved, inspired and ready for action.

Here are some links:

https://northendmc.wordpress.com @northendmc https://www.facebook.com/MichaelRedheadChampagne/

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